Inspired to Impel
Ignite. Equip. Mobilize.

We aspire to see the Kingdom of God advance through you!

We aspire to see both Christians and the body of Christ walking in its full potential!

We serve by offering training sessions to churches on different key topics.

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Our Vision


We desire to see people passionate about knowing Jesus and being on fire for God.


We desire to see individuals and the body of Christ walking out their full potential! 

We serve by offer training sessions to both individuals and churches. We partner with churches to encourage and help promote growth in the areas of outreach, prophecy, teaching and leading.


We are passionate about seeing individuals and the body of Christ move forward to effectively manifest the fullness of Christ in their cities!

Our Values

We believe that all ministry needs to come from the place of walking closely with Jesus Christ.

Inspired to Impel

in·spired (adj.)

to be animate with the spirit of doing something by divine influence



to propel, cause to move forward, impart motion to.

Laurie and her team communicate their passion for the Kingdom of God, as enthusiastic teachers in this generation. 

Beyond the principles and information they relate, Laurie and her team motivate those who attend this seminar to believe for the works that Jesus has entrusted to us.

When they gave this training at our church, it was much appreciated by all in attendance.

I wholeheartedly recommend them to you.

Gerry Plunkett

Gerry Plunkett

Senior Pastor, Catch the Fire Montreal

Laurie and her team have truly caught the NOW cry of people today - the desire to be effectively trained and equipped for result oriented Christianity!

Inspired to Impel embodies the spirit of discipleship and evangelism and goes beyond just the “theory.”

This new movement is an expression of God’s heart in these last days.

Derek Schneider President of History Makers Academy

Derek Schneider

President, History Makers Academy

Founder, History Makers Society

Laurie Konyalian is one of the most excellent equippers in the Kingdom of God.

She not only has an ability to present practical tools that anyone can lay hold of, but lives a life that models what she teaches.

She is a sold out, holy dedicated, pursuer of all that the Lord has for this world.

Hudson Taylor Wells

Community Pastor, Hope Community Church, Sherbrooke Quebec